When Your Child Learns Spanish at Sombrero Time, You Open the Door to a Lifetime of Opportunities.

Ruth Finsthwait-co founder Sombrero Time

Imagine your child having fun, becoming a better student and a better young person through the experience of learning Spanish.

Hello, I’m Ruth Finsthwait, co-founder of Sombrero Time, and that’s exactly what Sombrero Time students and parents experience every day–growing as students and young people. Here are just 3 reasons you can count on Sombrero Time:

Tested & Proven: Your world is busy and crowded with “good ideas” for your child’s growth and development…soccer, dance, Little League. When you consider Sombrero Time, you provide your child a unique opportunity: to learn Spanish in an immersive language environment as elementary-aged learners, when your student is most likely to succeed in language acquisition.

For the past ten years, we’ve served thousands of local families through before-and-after-school programs, as well as through dozens of elementary school classroom programs. These programs include International Baccalaureate, private, public schools and homeschool settings.

Fun & Encouraging: We succeed in helping children learn to speak, read and write Spanish because we teach in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment. Our curriculum is holistic, proprietary, and proven. We are driven to succeed with every child because we are convinced that Spanish opens the door to opportunities for a lifetime.

Your child will learn with their peers, making friends along the way. The Student Journey typically begins for a student around Kindergarten with Basic Levels 1 & 2, then progress through Levels 3 & 4 in the mid-elementary grades, and finally moves to Advanced Levels of 5 & 6 for late elementary and junior high school ages.

Learning for a Lifetime: This is what we call the Student Journey, where our Sombrero Time students grow academically and personally, walking into a big, wide world with stronger character, better thinking and social skills, and the tools to succeed in high school, college and career.

We invite you to take some time to learn more about our unique and effective programs. Give us a call to see how your child can be a part of the life-changing experience of learning Spanish.

I look forward to meeting you and your child!

Ruth Finsthwait

Why does Sombrero Time work?

Sombrero Time Curriculum

Proprietary curriculum developed for an immersive learning environment, taught by native speakers, teaching Spanish in Spanish.

Focus on Student Development

We know about the power of second language learning to make a child a stronger person, including character, thinking skills and emotional intelligence.


    Learning Spanish gives students the opportunity to practice character development. It’s the reason we emphasize to our the character traits of Courage, Respect & Resilience.


    Learning a second language teaches a student to think more skillfully, especially developing the cognitive skills of Flexibility, Focus & Working Memory.


    Through language acquisition, students learn develop emotional intelligence, an important measure of future success. These areas we emphasize include Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationships.

Commitment to Students’ Success

The long-term benefits of being bilingualism is documented in research and we have seen its effects for the past 10 years–our kids are more successful in the real world.


    Emphasizing friendship and community, our students experience what it means to be part of something bigger than oneself, to celebrate successes & to contribute meaningfully and collaboratively to others’ success.


    Sombrero Time students are more likely to achieve bilingualism, explore new cultures, and apply Spanish to college and career tracks, impacting their success in the classroom and the world.


    As bilingual college students and employees, our students compete effectively for better jobs and contribute meaningfully through diverse ways.

Learn more about the difference a second language makes.

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