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Welcome to the New Sombrero Time!

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calendarSunday, 13 March

If you are new to Sombrero Time, Welcome!  We recently launched our new web site and are very excited about a number of cool developments.  New products and services are soon to be available.  From a professionally published Spanish 1 & Spanish 2 curriculum to the upcoming release of our iPad app, new Professional Development services and Class Room Resources.  Check out the pages within and please feel free to share your thoughts.

We love to interact with our community and are making it easy.  We have a lot to share about education at large, second language learning and the use of technology as an educational tool.  Interact with us on our new Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube pages geared to share and interact with you, our community.

Lastly, since you are here,  we invite you to share your comments and feedback about the new sombrerotime.com.  Please click the comment button and share your thoughts!

RUTH: Great video! I so agree with your concept of immersion language learning at an early age…wish I had had that myself! Bonnie


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