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The Sombrero Time community emphasizes the importance of working together and supporting one another to reach goals–all in a rich and fun learning environment.

By the time our students reach junior high, they have forged friendships through the experiences of classroom learning, field trips to restaurants and other interesting locations, and collaboration on group projects. Some have even traveled out of the country to experience a Spanish speaking culture first-hand.

Skills for High School & Beyond


Our Sombrero Time students are set up to be more successful in high school and college, since studies that show students in third, fourth, and fifth grades who receive language instruction outperform their peers in achievement tests. This has been found across the board, regardless of race, gender, and socioeconomic factors.

Specifically, students who receive language instruction do better in standardized college entrance exams like SAT and ACT. Even skill in Mathematics improves significantly in cooperation with language learning.

So, it is not hard to imagine how language learning can affect the trajectory of your child’s life. If it can positively impact one’s academic performance and SAT scores, how much more will it boost your child’s overall potential? Similarly, a good SAT score can lead to acceptance in a good college which can open doors to a higher-paying jobs and a rewarding career.

Global Contributor


Today there are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world, making it the second most widely spoken language, second only to English. It is also the official language in 21 different countries.

More than 60 million students study Spanish as a second language. Many of them are in the United States, where Spanish is by far the most popular language studied.

To engage in commerce in the coming years, it is important to note that the combined GDP of Spanish-speaking countries easily tops $6 trillion, with Mexico and Spain making up $1.7 and $1.4 trillion respectively.

Sombrero Time students can look forward to contributing meaningfully in this large (and rapidly growing) market because they understand both the culture and speak the language—not just the language of business, but the language of the person who sits across the table.

See and hear Sombrero Time in action.

Alejandro y Profesora Amanda try their hand at the traditional Costa Rican dish: Gallo Pinto
(Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the recipe is simple and delicious! Check it out).

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