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Skarli Peña

Skarli Peña


Skarli Pena is a Spanish Teacher and Assistant Site Manager at Sombrero Time. Her foray into education began with music. Inspired by her father, a classical musician who served as the conductor for Venzuela’s Youth Orchestra, she began playing violin at the age of five--and never stopped. She earned her B.A. in Music Education from U.P.E.L. Barquisimeto and started a career as a violin teacher with the renowned international organization, El Sistema. When she moved to the US she continued to teach, building a clientele of young students. These experiences taught her that she is a teacher at heart, and her truest passion is working with children. Skarli looks forward to teaching at Sombrero Time, and hopes to instill in its students the same appreciation for Spanish her father gave her for music.

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