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Jennyfer Llamas

Jennyfer Llamas

Teacher, Site Manager

Jennyfer is the Site Manager and Spanish teacher at Sombrero Time. Bringing a passion for great customer service and second language acquisition, she finds nothing more rewarding than seeing people happy and satisfied with a service. Her teaching focus is Home School students in levels 2 and 3 at the Granite Bay location. Jennyfer also oversees all activities and Spanish classes at the Granite Bay facility. Jennyfer was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but raised in Carson City, Nevada where she learned Spanish at an early age at home. Her parents knew it was imperative that Jennyfer and her siblings learned Spanish first. English was not to be spoken while at home, as her parents would say, “From the door out you may speak English, but behind closed doors we speak Spanish.” Jennyfer enjoys seeing wildlife, running and spending time with her family back home in Nevada.

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