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Sombrero Time in the Huffington Post

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calendarWednesday, 08 June

Education Entrepreneur Ron Fairchild of Smarter Learning Group recently published an article in the Huffington Post about Sombrero Time. Smarter Learning Group helps nonprofits, foundations, and school districts develop, grow, and sustain quality education programs and policies.

Ron Fairchild is the founder of the Smarter Learning Group.  Prior to starting the firm, Ron served as CEO of the National Summer Learning Association.  The Association’s work built on over 15 years of experience and success as the National Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University, where Fairchild was executive director from 2002 through 2009.  He is widely recognized as a national authority on how to expand learning opportunities for young people.  His frequent appearances in the media include segments on NPR, CNN, C-SPAN, NBC Nightly News, and the CBS Early Show.

Sombrero Time is passionate about helping kids do the extraordinary.  Language instruction develops a child’s ability to share ideas and communicate across cultural boundaries.  Sombrero Time Curriculum coupled with our Professional Development for instructors creates a powerful solution for schools.

Article Excerpt – “Last week Education Week ran a story about huge cuts to foreign language programs across the country. When I was in California recently, I learned about a creative solution to this problem involving two parents, Dave and Ruth Finsthwait, who created an inexpensive Spanish language immersion program for schools, called Sombrero Time.”

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