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Group Classes Sneak Peek

Take a quick peek inside some of our fun, immersive, and engaging virtual group Spanish classes-available for children pre-K through 12th grade.

Spanish 1 Sneek Peak

Spanish 1 Group Class is a great place for children to start the language learning process. This class is taught with our same immersion philosophy and curriculum but is paced for younger students who are not developmentally ready for reading and writing. Emphasis is placed on immersing students in the language with song, activity, movement with lots of group circle time. Classes are held on Tuesdays through Friday, September through May.

Spanish 3 Sneek Peak

Our Spanish 3 Group Class is for students who have already completed our Spanish 2 class or have completed an evaluation with a certified Sombrero Time teacher who has approved their enrollment in the class. Students will work in Level 3 of our curriculum and delve deeper into more advanced learning concepts.

Spanish 5 Sneek Peak

Our Spanish 5 Group Class is an intermediate/advanced level course. To enroll in the class, the student must have previously taken our Spanish 4 class or have completed an evaluation with a certified Sombrero Time teacher who approved their enrollment in this class.

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Live Online Spanish Classes Your Kids Will Love!

Learn Spanish from the safety and comfort of your home with a certified instructor you can trust-and experience the difference for yourself. Choose between fun, interactive group classes or private, one-on-one Spanish instruction for students K-12.

Our Parents Say It Best...

"[My kids] are having such a good time learning Spanish this way (and it's so nice that I don't have to "force" them to attend class-they like going on their own)."


Mom of 5th & 8th Graders

"The magic of Sombrero Time is that the children not only learn Spanish-they learn how to apply their language skills in a real-world setting."


Mom of 3rd Grader

"We love Sombrero Time! I can't believe how well my son and daughter are doing in Kinder Spanish. So glad I found the program!"


Mom of 2 Kinder Students

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