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Private Spanish Tutoring in Granite Bay – Recently Expanded

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calendarThursday, 12 May

Last year Sombrero Time launched a Private Tutoring program in response to parents who were seeking a flexible solution for their students.  We are pleased to announce we have recently expanded this service to all ages!   Sombrero Time Personal Spanish Tutoring sessions couple our immersion philosophy in a fun and interactive environment creating a very effective experience.  “Immersion”-what does that mean?  Great question!  It means we use “Spanish to teach Spanish” which develops language skills you can use in the real world.

Regardless of your education or skill level Sombrero Time Private Tutoring is right for any level or age.  Each session is scheduled with one of our native speaking instructors and is conducted at the Sombrero Time Education Facility in Granite Bay where we provide access to great resources in a sound instructional environment.  If you have not been to our Education Facility we invite you drop by for a visit.  Our facility is conveniently located in the heart of Granite Bay near Granite Bay High School in the Treelake Village Center.

Upon connecting with Sombrero Time we will create a customized schedule to fit your needs, establish goals for learning and connect you with one of our instructors.  Currently we have students scheduled from 1-4 days per week taking 45 minutes of focused instruction per session.  If you are new to learning Spanish, getting ready to travel, or preparing for an AP exam, our instructors will tailor a program designed to accelerate your learning experience while having a great time.

For more information click HERE to visit our registration page or call contact us at 916/934-6223


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