Sombrero Time’s Core Values

Our values drive everything we have done over the past ten years. At the core is our passion for Spanish language learning, and our passion for the relationships we build with students, their parents and educators in our community and around the world.

Simply, it’s our goal to create environments for students and parents to experience the richness and long-term benefits of second language learning. We do that with the contribution and guidance of dedicated and enthusiastic staff members, and a unique, tailored curriculum.

In our core values below, learn more about the unique difference Sombrero Time makes in the lives of our students and families.

The Values We Learn, Teach & Live By

The Sombrero Time WHY

Learning Spanish in an immersive learning setting introduces children a bigger world. It prepares them to be contributors in a global environment. In a community of teachers, parents and other students, our students experience the joy of learning another language and culture.


As a community, we shape and craft experiences for our students and their parents. Language and culture happen in the context of community, and our most meaningful experiences are those we share with others.

What the SOMBRERO Hat Represents

The Sombrero hat image represents two important qualities that we see in many Latin cultures, and which we weave into all of our classrooms: the value of hard work and the importance of celebration. Simply, we work hard and have fun. Our students also learn to respect and value other cultures as much as they learn to speak a second language.


We aspire to achieve the very best results possible. As a result, we collect, measure and analyze data in order to improve our program. We also listen carefully to our parents and students, and seek to be a learning organization. For this reason our students achieve great outcomes even after they complete our program.

The Value of RISK and REWARD

Learning a second language helps children become life-long learners because they experience “pressing in to the unknown.” They figure out a language while using it. They become persistent, resilient and patient with the difficulties of learning a language. These strengths contribute to their ability to learn in other settings, and pay off for a lifetime.

We believe in the value of MILESTONE ADVENTURES

Immersive language settings channel the best learning experiences, and there is no more immersive a setting than visiting another country. We seek to provide cross-cultural opportunities for our students and their families over the course of their time in our program.

Learn more about the difference a second language makes.

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