• Spanish 2 Online Group Classes

    Forget about boring language courses….Sombrero Time Online Spanish Classes are designed to get your child speaking Spanish on DAY ONE!


Learning Spanish opens doors changes lives alters worldview builds social skills empowers is FUN!

From the safety and comfort of your home, your student will enjoy:

  • Immersive Instruction With A Group Of Their Peers

  • Trained & Certified Native Spanish Instructors

  • Proven Process Driven By Curriculum

  • Easy To Use Zoom Online Meetings

Learning Spanish Can Be Fun And Educational!

Unique Features That Help Your Student Build Real World Results

Trained & Certified Teachers

More Than Just Vocabulary

Our training and certification process ensures teachers maximize the student learning experience using our proven System: Immersion + Curriculum = Real World Results!

Immersion Learning

Maximize Your Results

Immersion means you learn Spanish while using Spanish. Every minute is spent learning how to read, write and speak Spanish.


A Scripted Plan For Each Lesson

Learn using a system that works! Each lesson is planned ahead of time to grow and challenge every student.

Learn more our curriculum HERE

What our clients are saying…

“I was very hesitant to sign my son up for distance learning due to the fact that I didn’t think he would be paying attention and day dreaming the half hour away!! I decided to give it a go for a week and I was pleasantly surprised on how engaged the teacher keeps the students. My son has to pay attention when the teacher has questions for him! I can hear him speaking Spanish, singing songs, and playing challenging games that keeps the children involved. I decided after the first week to enroll my son for the full school year and stay dedicated to him learning a second language.”Thanks again for everything!

The friendships Ames has with his Sombrero Time classmates have been so valuable. He has been encouraged and supported every step of the way with compassionate, highly trained instructors who gently guide him toward an acceptance of other cultures with the goal of building a global citizen.

The magic of Sombrero Time is that the children not only learn Spanish—they learn how to apply their language skills in a real-world setting.

Sombrero Time is an excellent full immersion Spanish language program for kids grades K-6. My daughter has been attending for 6 years and I’m amazed at the Spanish she can speak, write and understand.

As PTC President for the past two years and current board member, I have received consistent positive feedback from parents and faculty regarding Sombrero Time and the value this program brings to the kids.

Thank you, Sombrero Time, for immersion style learning. And thank you for providing such high quality teachers.

My son has been attending Sombrero Time since September 2011 as part of Kinder Spanish program. It is the perfect environment to learn Spanish in an age appropriate way.

We love Sombrero Time! I can’t believe how well my Son and daughter are doing in Kinder Spanish. So glad I found the program! I highly recommend!

Spanish 2 Group Class Details

Immerse your child in the language speaking process through our proven Spanish curriculum. Every minute of our interactive (and fun) classes is spent learning how to read, write and speak Spanish. Plus, your child will enjoy learning Spanish!

Our Spanish 2 Group Class is geared for beginner to intermediate learners. Many of our students start their language journey here as 1-3 grade students.  Students will work in level 3 of our curriculum building a foundational skill set before moving more intermediate and advanced levels.

Age: 7-13

Times Offered: All Class Times in Pacific (PST)

  • 9:30am-10:00am
  • 2:30pm-3:00pm

Days: Tuesday-Friday

Class Schedule: September 8, 2020 – May, 28, 2021

Tuition: $149/month

Registration & Materials Fee:

  • Annual registration & materials fee of $49 per student includes workbook delivered to your home.

Sibling Discounts: No additional charge for siblings taking the class together.

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Have questions? Send your email to info@sombrerotime.com or schedule a call HERE

Meet Your Teacher

Trained, certified and with decades of experience, Sombero Time teachers know how to teach children Spanish. Here are a few of our teachers, get to know them and decide which teacher is right for your child!

Amanda Jackson

Amanda Jackson



-Native Speaker, Mexican/American Bilingual Family
-10 years of experience
-Certified Sombrero Time Master Instructor
-B.A. Spanish and Latin American Studies

Juan Pablo Fuertes

Juan Pablo Fuertes



-Native Speaker, Colombia
-10 years of experience
-Certified Sombrero Time Instructor
-M.A. Language Instruction

Sandra Steibler

Sandra Steibler



-Native Speaker, Colombia
-22 years of experience
-Certified Sombrero Time Instructor
-B.A. Modern Languages (Spanish & English)

We Care About Your Child Almost As Much As You Do!

More Than Just A Language Program

As we immerse children in the Spanish language, we also immerse them in learning about new cultures and different walks of life–developing global citizens is just as important to us as teaching Spanish. Through Spanish, we teach children new perspectives and ways to connect with each other and fellow humans. Learning multiple languages has also been shown to foster brain growth in the prefrontal lobes, which is the part of the brain responsible for things like: problem-solving, attention, inhibition, flexibility, and long-range planning; it is also critical for social-emotional skills like empathy. By teaching our students Spanish we are developing the whole child to be a contributing member of society.


$99/mo for 2 day per week classes

$149/mo for 4 day per week classes

30 power packed minutes!

  • Our teachers are experts at using immersion instruction to maximize your time.

1 – 5 Students. Bring the whole family!

  • Note – Some students may not effectively work together or need differing levels of Spanish.  In these cases we suggest you schedule separate classes. Your teacher can help you with this.

One level of Spanish will be taught in each class.

Please book separate classes for each level of student.

  • If you have beginner, intermediate or advanced students, your Sombrero Time certified teacher will recommend you consider separate sessions for each student.
  • In order to be effective in each session we do not instruct more than one level.


  • Sombrero Time has a published and tested a 6 level Spanish curriculum that ranges from grades PreK-12.
  • Each level builds into the next helping students develop speaking, reading and writing language skill.
  • Of course! – Instructors are available via email to answer any questions you may have.

Learn more about the difference a second language makes.

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