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Learning Spanish by Going Abroad

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calendarMonday, 20 June

¡Hola amigos!

One of the greatest benefits to learning a second language is what it can do for your travel experience.  Many of us have traveled to Mexico, stayed in a resort and enjoyed some good food, beautiful beaches and warm water.  But, how many of us have really experienced the local culture up close and personal?  How cool would it be to play soccer in Mexico, with people who live and breath the sport, all while practicing the language?  How fun would it be to take surf lessons at a surf camp and get some hands on language experience at the same time?  You see, when we engage anyone in their language, on their home turf not only does it honor them and create relationship, it also allows us to gain perspective and appreciation for how other people live.  All this comes together to enhance your travel experience.

So, starting tomorrow Ruth & I are taking the family south of the boarder to plug into the culture and do exactly what I have described.  We will be visiting Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose over the two next weeks.  During our time we will be playing fútbol at a soccer camp with Mexican nationals and taking surf lessons at a local beach.  As part of our experience we will be seeking authentic, fun & family friendly activities that YOU can do in the near future.  Sound exciting?  Stay tuned by visiting our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

So, who is in for next year?


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