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Download Your FREE Spanish Flashcards Plus Bonus Video

Immerse your child in the Spanish language with these full-color printable adjectives and shapes flashcards. Plus, get access to a free demo video featuring one of our certified instructors. Prepare to experience the difference a second language makes!

Our Parents Say It Best...

"[My kids] are having such a good time learning Spanish this way (and it's so nice that I don't have to "force" them to attend class-they like going on their own)."


Mom of 5th & 8th Graders

"The magic of Sombrero Time is that the children not only learn Spanish-they learn how to apply their language skills in a real-world setting."


Mom of 3rd Grader

"We love Sombrero Time! I can't believe how well my son and daughter are doing in Kinder Spanish. So glad I found the program!"


Mom of 2 Kinder Students

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