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Sombrero Time has partnered with Kinderlime to track and enhance the process of signing students in and out for classes.

/out Procedure:

  • Unless otherwise noted below – Parents/guardians of record are required sign out their students
  • Parents and students are assigned a unique pin code at the beginning of the school year
  • Your pin is used to sign in/out using an iPad:
    • iPad location, Sombrero Time – Foyer
    • iPad location, Sierra Elementary – Classrooms
  • Students should only be signed out when parents of record is leaving with their student

Class Specific Sign-in/out process – Granite Bay:

  • Before School – Students sign in, teachers sign out
  • Homeschool – Students sign in, parents sign out
  • JRHS – Students sign in and out
  • Mommy & Me & Kinder – Parents sign in and out
  • After School -Students sign in, parents sign out

Sign-in/out process – Sierra Elementary – Teachers sign-in/out all students. Parents are not required to sign students out.

Pin Codes – If you need a pin please email your request to

Kinderlime Parent App for iOS or Google Play.

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