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Sombrero Time Private Spanish Tutoring is designed to meet the needs of K-12 students at any level of language development. Many of our students work with Sombrero Time weekly year round to develop their Spanish. Other students simply need short term help to bring up a grade or prepare for the AP exam in high school.

We offer two types of tutoring to address these needs, Standard and Customized Tutoring. Scroll down to see more details and to schedule your private tutoring appointments.

Standard Tutoring

Standard Tutoring

Applies to most beginner to intermediate students that align to the SombreroTime curriculum. Teachers create a detailed instruction plan after evaluating your student’s language level during the initial tutoring appointment. Students are then aligned to the Sombrero Time curriculum and instruction begins. Appointments are typically booked on a weekly recurring basis for the school year and summer. Can’t find an appointment or schedule that fits your needs? No problem! Call our tutoring hotline for help – 844-400-8448


  • 1:1 – (1 student with 1 teacher): $60/45 minute session
  • 2:1 – (2 students with 1 teacher) : $80/45 minute session
  • 3:1 – (3 students with 1 teacher): $100/45 minute session

Tutoring Schedule:

  • School Year – (September – May)
  • Summer –  (June – August)
Customized Tutoring

Customized Tutoring Description:

Our Customized Tutoring program is designed to address the specific needs of Jr. High – High School students and advanced language learners. Our approach leverages higher degrees of personalization to create a customized experience that produces a great result. Appointments are booked on a weekly recurring basis for the school year and summer. If your high school student is struggling to make the grade Customized Tutoring is a great solution. Our teachers have an excellent track record preparing high school students for exams and helping them raise grade levels. Can’t find an appointment or schedule that fits your needs? No problem! Call our tutoring hotline for help – 844-400-8448


  • 1:1 – (1 student with 1 teacher): $70/45 minute session
  • 2:1 – (2 students with 1 teacher): $90/45 minute session

Tutoring Schedule:

  • School Year – (September – May)
  • Summer –  (June – August)
Billing & Cancelation Policies

Billing & Cancellation Policies:

  • Should you need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session 24 hour advance notification is required
  • To cancel or reschedule simply log back into your scheduling page (setup during your initial appointment).
  • Same day cancellations will be billed at the full tutoring rate.
  • Tuition will be billed on the first of each month for that month’s scheduled appointments.
  • School holidays are automatically taken into consideration and will not be billed.
  • Cancellation Credit – If you need to cancel an appointment, and do so with at least 24 hours advance notice, a credit will be posted to your account and automatically applied the following month.
  • Payment is accepted via Visa, MasterCard or Amex.
  • Tutoring rates are not prorated
  • Combining appointments – If customers combine appointments the same rate still applies. Example: The Jones family students tutors 2:1 at $80/session. The Adams family student tutors 1:1 at $60/session. Both families combine their appointments to simplify logistics. Both families pay the same rate for tutoring as if their combined appointment were being held individually.
Managing Appointments

Progression – Once we find a day and time that works for you, we reserve that day and time for you and your student for the rest of the year for two reasons:

  1. It aligns with our belief that consistency and frequency are the keys to learning language.
  2. Simplified logistics for you (the parent)! You won’t have to worry about going in every week to schedule an appointment, as it will already be saved for you.
Managing appointments – Cancelling and Rescheduling appointments is easy!
  • You will receive reminders via email 48-hours before your appointment and can cancel or reschedule directly from your device.
  • Alternatively, you can create an account on our web based scheduling tool and manage your appointments for the whole year
  • In the event of short notice that your student is not able to make their scheduled appointment, please call our attendance line at ‭(916) 249-8235‬ ext. 3 to notify us of their absence.
Charter Funding Q&A

Sombrero Time is an approved vendor for Inspire, Visions, Horizon, South Sutter & Pacific Charter Schools. We gladly accept home school vouchers, POs and certificates for our tutoring services. Please schedule your recurring appointments and refer to the Q&A below to set up payment with your Educational Specialist.

  • I work with a Charter School. Do you accept voucher funds as payment for tuition?
    • YES! We are vendors for South Sutter, Visions, Horizon, Inspire and Pacific Charter Schools. Please note:
      • Vouchers and POs must be signed and delivered by the first day of class each September and January
      • Note – Initial and annual materials and registration fees must be paid by credit card. Charter funds are not accepted for these fees
  • How do I set up Vouchers, Certificates or POs correctly?
    • Please have 2 vouchers, certificates or POs generated per student:
      • 1st semester (Sep-Dec)
      • 2nd semester (Jan-May)
    • Voucher total = monthly student tuition x total number of months (1st semester = 4, 2nd semester = 5).
    • Example:
      • Johnny Smith has monthly tuition of $150 x 4 months (1st semester) = $600 total voucher value.
    • Vouchers, POs or certificates should be emailed to no later than:
      • 1st semester – August 31
      • 2nd semester – Dec 31
  • My Charter School Funds are not ready! What do I do?
    • Sombrero Time offers a Voucher Delivery Grace Period of 14 day to allow customers time to coordinate payment with their ES. If vouchers are not delivered within this period (Sep 15, Dec 15), tuition will be direct billed to the card we have on file so instruction can be continue without interruption. Direct billing will automatically terminate once vouchers are received.
    • Students using Charter Funds are welcome to attend classes in the interim period provided parents are actively working with their ES and we have a back up funding source on file

Curriculum – We have developed in-house Spanish curriculum that ranges from preschool to 6th grade. Each level builds into the next, creating students that are not only bilingual, but that are biliterate (can read and write in Spanish too). For high school students or other students with specific language goals, we work with what you need! Tutors are always available to check in with parents after lessons to keep you updated on student progress.

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