Students in Sombrero Time level 3 (rojo) classes will be learning the following concepts during the months of November-December. Students will demonstrate language learning as they:

  • Discuss what they might find/experience at various places around town
  • Write descriptive paragraphs about places around town, including related objects/services,people and transportation
  • Present their descriptions to the class


As your child learns Spanish, her character, cognitive skills and emotional intelligence is strengthened, and these are lasting changes. However, her development isn’t only internal.

Our students also form deeper friendships through learning in an interactive and collaborative environment. They celebrate each other’s accomplishments as they become part of a community of students, parents, and teachers. They become more socially receptive, they give help and they receive help from their peers. As a result, they achieve more in high school, college, and beyond.

In fact, some of these friendships have resulted in families traveling together on vacations to Spanish speaking destinations, building bonds to last a lifetime.