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Special Ed to Spanish Curriculum – Part 1

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calendarThursday, 10 November

How does someone go from being “Special Ed” to Developing Spanish Curriculum?  As many of you know Sombrero Time develops Spanish Language Curriculum for K-6 grade students.  In a previous series called “Why Sombrero Time Curriculum Works” we discussed a few features that make Sombrero Time Spanish Curriculum unique.  What we haven’t done is share a bit about why we develop curriculum in the first place.  In order to make it meaningful we wanted to share a little of the real life story behind founder and Spanish Curriculum developer, Ruth Finsthwait.  In this new video series Ruth describes her personal journey as a “Special Ed” student with little promise of making it in school and how she overcame to become a successful entrepreneur and owner a thriving education company.   In part 1 below Ruth tells us about her early school experience and being diagnosed with dyslexia.


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