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Learning Spanish – Native Style

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calendarThursday, 11 August

During this summer we ventured with our 3 kids south of the boarder for a little immersive Spanish experience “R&D”.  Since our learning philosophy requires a native speaking environment why not get into the culture in Baja California and seek out some great, family friendly activities that would provide rich language opportunities.  Well, we weren’t dissapointed!  We spent a week in San Jose Del Cabo enjoying a very authentic experience attending a local school, playing soccer and surfing.  Check out the information below and let us know if you are interested in learning more.  We plan to go back next year and would love to take some families with us!

SUMMER SCHOOL EN ESPAÑOL – Believe it or not all three of our kids went back to school for a week!  The Mission Colegio is a wonderful Dual Immersion private school in San Jose Del Cabo.  All students take classes split half the day in Spanish and the other half in English.  During our visit we had the opportunity to meet students & teachers and were pleasantly surprised to find that many Americans and Canadians, in addition to Mexican nationals, are attending the school.  Our kids made new friends and practiced their Spanish A TON!  Check out the Mission Colegio web site and our photos on Facebook.

– After school each day we took our kids to a great local soccer camp run by an organization called Pachuca Tuzos los CabosThe camp director is an ex Mexican Professional Futbol player turned coach.  Jesus Romero coaches and grooms players for professional Mexican teams.  He also happens to be the PE teacher at Mission Colegio.  The camps are run at “La Huerta” a local sports club in San Jose.    If you want your kids to learn Spanish, the native soccer Futbol field is one of the best ways to immerse them.  Naturally, kids want to play and interact with their peers.  Combine English speakers with Spanish speakers on a soccer field and you have a powerful and fun formula to acquire language.


SURF – We ended our week with some more adventure learning to surf.  The Cabo Surf Hotel is a well kept secret on the beach as you come into San Jose Del Cabo.  The area along the shore is called Costa Azul which is known for some of the best surf breaks in Baja.  The hotel has comfortable amenities, quiet rooms, a great restaurant called the 7 Seas Grille and surf lessons provided by our new friend Miguel Rojas at the onsite, beach front, surf shop. The Cabo Surf Shop features one of the only professionally certified “Mike Doyle” surf schools in Baja.  We had a great time learning from the friendly, knowledgeable staff and everyone caught waves!  If you are ready for a great warm water surfing adventure Miguel and his staff are prepared to coach you in Spanish or English!

Link to photos of Cabo Surf

Below is a video we recorded with Miguel.  Check it out and let us know if you want to go with us next summer:


Next summer I am taking my children to cabo for 8 weeks. I want to put them in a summer camp where they can learn Spanish. Can you tell me more about mission colegio.


    Hi Jenn,
    Depending on when you go next summer you might be able to enroll your students as guests at Mission Colegio. Our kids spent 5 days at the school, half the day in English and half the day in Spanish. Start by connecting with Betty Luna or Lisa King at the school to inquire about enrolling your students during your stay.


    Another great suggestion is to enroll them in the local soccer camp. If your kids play soccer or not, it is a great way to learn Spanish. Kids naturally want to participate with their peers. In Mexico every kid plays soccer so there will be little to no English on the field of play. I have had local American families tell me that the soccer field was one of the best tools for teaching their English speaking kids Spanish. If you want to investigate summer soccer camps look up Jesus Romero at Filial Pachuca Los Cabos. Jesus is on Facebook and very responsive to inquirey. He runs the soccer camps locally to Cabo San Jose with his Father Roberto. Both are PE instructors at El Mission Colegio as well.

    These links will get you started.


    Keep us posted!

    David Finsthwait


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