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Learning Spanish by Going Abroad

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calendarMonday, 20 June

¡Hola amigos!

One of the greatest benefits to learning a second language is what it can do for your travel experience.  Many of us have traveled to Mexico, stayed in a resort and enjoyed some good food, beautiful beaches and warm water.  But, how many of us have really experienced the local culture up close and personal?  How cool would it be to play soccer in Mexico, with people who live and breath the sport, all while practicing the language?  How fun would it be to take surf lessons at a surf camp and get some hands on language experience at the same time?  You see, when we engage anyone in their language, on their home turf not only does it honor them and create relationship, it also allows us to gain perspective and appreciation for how other people live.  All this comes together to enhance your travel experience.

So, starting tomorrow Ruth & I are taking the family south of the boarder to plug into the culture and do exactly what I have described.  We will be visiting Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose over the two next weeks.  During our time we will be playing fútbol at a soccer camp with Mexican nationals and taking surf lessons at a local beach.  As part of our experience we will be seeking authentic, fun & family friendly activities that YOU can do in the near future.  Sound exciting?  Stay tuned by visiting our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

So, who is in for next year?


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New Kinder Class Helps Kids Learn Spanish

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calendarFriday, 17 June

For the past two year we have had the privilege of working with Sierra Elementary School to develop some creative language solutions.  Sierra Elementary is  progressive K-6 school in Rocklin, CA with International Baccalaureate World school focus.  The school provides Spanish instruction to all students as part of the core curriculum two days/week.  In addition, private after school Spanish classes are offered four days/week.  Both programs use Sombrero Time curriculum, methods and instructors.

Starting this fall, we are excited to announce a new class at Sierra Elementary.  Sombrero Time has been asked to offer Spanish for Kinder students!  Similar to our after school program, Kinder Spanish will run shortly after the normal Kindergarten class from 11:30-12:15pm,  4 days/week, Tuesday-Friday.  Each session is 45 minutes and will be conducted by one of our trained native speaking instructors and is filled with traditional Spanish dance, Song and Music activities.  The class is intended to introduce new Spanish speakers to the language and prepare them for entry into the Spanish program starting in 1st grade at Sierra Elementary.  Kinder Spanish will offer a great transition for students enrolled in Kids Junction as well.

Full details are available on our Registration page.


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Helping Kids Learn Spanish in Loomis Schools

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calendarWednesday, 15 June

Sombrero Time has been working w ith the Loomis Union School District as their preferred provider for Spanish language instruction for the past two years.  In alignment with the district’s vision to develop high quality second language education, Sombrero Time will be offering two different programs at Loomis elementary schools during the 2011/12 school year.

Spanish for kids at the Loomis Basin Charter School – The 2011/12 school year will mark the third year Sombrero Time will be providing Spanish instruction for this successful elementary charter school.  Recently certified as an International Baccalaureate school, Loomis Basin Charter school has a mandate to provide high quality language instruction for all students internal to the instructional day.  Sombrero Time will be providing instruction again next fall.  Two of our highly trained native speaking instructors will be on campus 4 days per week providing instruction at each grade level.  Three levels of Sombrero Time curriculum will be used to direct instruction for grades K-7.

Before School Spanish for kids at all Loomis Union Elementary Schools –  Classes will be provided at LUSD elementary schools starting this fall.  Similar to this past year we will continue providing instruction following our immersive, no English spoken, model.  Our trained, native speaking instructors will be available Monday-Thursday delivering instruction for 45 minutes at each session.  Spanish class will follow the LUSD calendar staring on September 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012.  Class times and locations will be announced after registration is completed.  If you are interested in finding out more click the link below for details.

Full details can be found by clicking HERE



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Sombrero Time in the Huffington Post

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calendarWednesday, 08 June

Education Entrepreneur Ron Fairchild of Smarter Learning Group recently published an article in the Huffington Post about Sombrero Time. Smarter Learning Group helps nonprofits, foundations, and school districts develop, grow, and sustain quality education programs and policies.

Ron Fairchild is the founder of the Smarter Learning Group.  Prior to starting the firm, Ron served as CEO of the National Summer Learning Association.  The Association’s work built on over 15 years of experience and success as the National Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University, where Fairchild was executive director from 2002 through 2009.  He is widely recognized as a national authority on how to expand learning opportunities for young people.  His frequent appearances in the media include segments on NPR, CNN, C-SPAN, NBC Nightly News, and the CBS Early Show.

Sombrero Time is passionate about helping kids do the extraordinary.  Language instruction develops a child’s ability to share ideas and communicate across cultural boundaries.  Sombrero Time Curriculum coupled with our Professional Development for instructors creates a powerful solution for schools.

Article Excerpt – “Last week Education Week ran a story about huge cuts to foreign language programs across the country. When I was in California recently, I learned about a creative solution to this problem involving two parents, Dave and Ruth Finsthwait, who created an inexpensive Spanish language immersion program for schools, called Sombrero Time.”

Click HERE to continue reading the article and please leave your comments!


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