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The Difference a Second Language Makes

Because we teach Spanish in Spanish, your child learns to speak, read and write in Spanish. And that means your child will have:


“The magic of Sombrero Time is that children not only learn Spanish. They learn how to apply their language skills in a real world setting.” — Lisa Bader, parent


“Students who learn a second language have accelerated cognitive development.” — Dr. Victoria Marian, The Dana Foundation


“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” — Frank Smith, Psycholinguist and Author


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Your Child Will Grow as a Student and as a Person.
Here’s how.

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What our clients are saying…

The friendships Ames has with his Sombrero Time classmates have been so valuable. He has been encouraged and supported every step of the way with compassionate, highly trained instructors who gently guide him toward an acceptance of other cultures with the goal of building a global citizen.

Katie AthertonRoseville, CA

The magic of Sombrero Time is that the children not only learn Spanish—they learn how to apply their language skills in a real-world setting.

Lisa BaderGranite Bay, CA

Sombrero Time is an excellent full immersion Spanish language program for kids grades K-6. My daughter has been attending for 6 years and I’m amazed at the Spanish she can speak, write and understand.

Paula WolfeGranite Bay, CA

As PTC President for the past two years and current board member, I have received consistent positive feedback from parents and faculty regarding Sombrero Time and the value this program brings to the kids.

Deanna HogenboomRocklin, CA

Thank you, Sombrero Time, for immersion style learning. And thank you for providing such high quality teachers.

Mindy MusserRocklin, CA

My son has been attending Sombrero Time since September 2011 as part of Kinder Spanish program. It is the perfect environment to learn Spanish in an age appropriate way.

Deanna PonsetiRoseville, CA

Proven & Trusted Immersive Spanish Language Curriculum

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Immersive Sombrero Time curriculum, written by co-founder Ruth Finsthwait and team, and used by thousands of students, begins with Levels 1 & 2, focusing on the home and community. The foundation assures children are applying what they learn outside of the instructional classroom.
In Levels 3 & 4, students continue to journey into the community–learning to interact with and contribute to the community. Importantly, they also begin to explore  Spanish speaking countries of the world. Whether students are ordering food in restaurants, or traveling to other cities, they also learn to conjugate verb tenses and begin to build the foundation for fluency.
In Levels 5 & 6 students learn about various Spanish-speaking countries around the world. They begin to see and appreciate the complexity and richness of different cultures among Spanish speakers and beyond. At this time, many of our students travel to other countries, continuing the student journey into new cultures with friends and family.
These 6 levels of curriculum prepare your student to be successful in high school Spanish, with Sombrero Time students often furthering their language journey into the honor levels and AP courses, passing advanced placement exams leading to success in college and beyond.

Sombrero Time’s Spanish Curriculum is the brainchild of CEO and founder Ruth Finsthwait. Ruth holds an active BCLAD credential and Master’s degree in Special Education. She started Sombrero Time in 2006 to build functional Spanish language skills in her children.

Are you a Spanish teacher looking for great curriculum? Check out Spanish Curriculum Powered by Sombrero Time.

Co-founder, Ruth Finsthwait: how we got started.

“Back then, when our oldest daughter was starting first grade, I began to have an  urgency about getting her into a second language learning program. Not finding an adequate program in my community, I did what any ‘Type-A’ mom would do–I started a business to solve the problem! Fast forward 10 years, and we now have 6 levels of curriculum and resources to address the needs of beginning, intermediate and advanced language learners. The system is progressive, holistic, scripted and founded in immersion. Most importantly…it works.”  Ruth Finsthwait, CEO and co-founder, Sombrero Time.

Ruth Finsthwait-co founder Sombrero Time

Ruth Finsthwait, M.S., Sp. Ed, BCLAD

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