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Tuition and Billing FAQs
  • When is my student’s tuition due and how do I pay?
    • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is payable via automated bank bill pay or credit/debit card payments (Visa or MC)
  • Do you accept hand written checks for payment?
    • No. Generally, hand written checks are not accepted and only when approved on a case per case basis
  • Is there a grace period for tuition payments?
    • Yes! Seven days. Tuition is considered delinquent on the 7th of the month, at which time a $25 late fee will be applied to your account and assessed on your next bill
  • Is tuition adjusted each month? 
    • No. For the sake of billing simplicity the monthly tuition fee stays the same each month. Instead, the cost for classes (with the exception of tutoring) is amortized over the course of the school year and is not reduced for vacation, sickness or absences.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    • A family sibling discount of $25/month is available for 3+ students (discounts not offered on Kinder and M&M classes)
  • Are annual materials and registration fees refundable and what to they cover?
    • No. Annual registration fees (due annually on June 1) are non-refundable and cover student workbooks/classroom supplies.
  • Can I suspend my student’s tuition payments?
    • Yes, but only for very specific reasons. Hospitalization or extended travel are qualified reasons. Both will be considered on a case per case basis. Please email with your request. Upon approval Sombrero Time will suspend billing for up to 2 months. Please note a $25 service fee per month per student applies.
  • My student can not attend class 4 days per week. Do you prorate tuition for a reduced schedule?
    • No, we do not prorate tuition as a general policy – Sombrero Time is an academic extension to your student’s day. Learning Spanish is progressive. Therefore, we do not encourage enrollment for students who cannot commit the time.
  • I work with a Charter School. Do you accept voucher funds as payment for tuition?
    • YES! We are vendors for South Sutter, Visions, Horizon, Inspire and Pacific Charter Schools. Please note:
      • Vouchers and POs must be signed and delivered by the first day of class each September and January
      • Note – Initial and annual materials and registration fees must be paid by credit card. Charter funds are not accepted for these fees
  • How do I set up Vouchers, Certificates or POs correctly?
    • Please have 2 vouchers, certificates or POs generated per student:
      • 1st semester (Sep-Dec)
      • 2nd semester (Jan-May)
    • Voucher total = monthly student tuition x total number of months (1st semester = 4, 2nd semester = 5).
    • Example:
      • Johnny Smith has monthly tuition of $150 x 4 months (1st semester) = $600 total voucher value.
    • Vouchers, POs or certificates should be emailed to no later than:
      • 1st semester – August 31
      • 2nd semester – Dec 31
  • My Charter School Funds are not ready! What do I do?
    • Sombrero Time offers a Voucher Delivery Grace Period of 14 days to allow customers time to coordinate payment with their ES. If vouchers are not delivered within this period (Sep 15, Dec 15), tuition will be direct billed to the card we have on file so instruction can be continued without interruption. Direct billing will automatically terminate once vouchers are received.
    • Students using Charter Funds are welcome to attend classes in the interim period provided parents are actively working with their ES and we have a back up funding source on file.
  • Is my personal information secure?
    • YES! All credit/debit card information is stored in an encrypted and secured database for your protection. Sombrero Time does not share your information with ANYONE!
  • How do I cancel my students enrollment?
    • If you choose to discontinue your student from Sombrero Time we require 14 day written notice to be provided.  Auto-Bill will be canceled on the billing cycle after notice has been made

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