Your Student’s Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

Student Sign-in/out Kinderlime

Sombrero Time has partnered with Kinderlime to track and enhance the process of signing students in and out for classes.

/out Procedure:

  • Unless otherwise noted below – Parents/guardians of record are required sign out their students
  • Parents and students are assigned a unique pin code at the beginning of the school year
  • Your pin is used to sign in/out using an iPad:
    • iPad location, Sombrero Time – Foyer
    • iPad location, Sierra Elementary – Classrooms
  • Students should only be signed out when parents of record is leaving with their student

Class Specific Sign-in/out process – Granite Bay:

  • Before School – Students sign in, teachers sign out
  • Homeschool – Students sign in, parents sign out
  • JRHS – Students sign in and out
  • Mommy & Me & Kinder – Parents sign in and out
  • After School -Students sign in, parents sign out

Sign-in/out process – Sierra Elementary – Teachers sign-in/out all students. Parents are not required to sign students out.

Pin Codes – If you need a pin please email your request to

Kinderlime Parent App for iOS or Google Play.

Student Safety Procedures

Sombrero Time teachers and staff follow a strict policy of student tracking and safety protocols.  Please familiarize your self with these policies as we partner to protect the well being of your students:

  • Student Drop–off (Granite Bay Only) – Please drop students off a minimum of 5 minutes before the start of class and picked up no later than 10 minutes after class.
  • Student Pick up Granite Bay –  After school and Kinder students must be signed out by the parent or guardian listed on their registration form.  All PM and Kinder students will not be released from the classroom until they have been signed out. (N/A to JRHS students)
  • Student Pick up Sierra Elementary – Students are dismissed to walk to the south parking lot for pick up at 3:15pm. Students will be chaperoned by their teacher who will wait with students while parents arrive. Please pick up within 5 minutes of class dismissal.
  • Sierra Elementary Kinder Transition – The Kinder instructor will be waiting to pickup Kinder and 1st grade students at the K/1 playground by 2:10pm. Please remind your students to be on the look out for their Spanish Teacher. Students will be chaperoned to class in room 20.
  • Alternate Pick up – We require you to authorize in writing anyone outside your immediate family that will be picking up your student/s. Alternate pickup authorizations are completed during the registration process. However, should you need to update you the information we have on file please email your request to We will send you a link to update your account information this information.
  • Student Walk/Bike Policy – If your student would like to walk or ride a bike from Sombrero Time in Granite Bay please provide written permission detailing when and where your student is permitted to walk/ride. Please sign and have your student give it to his/her teacher. Permission slips will be kept on file for reference. Students that attempt to walk or ride without parent permission will be reported to parents.
  • Medical Emergency – In a medical emergency where a student’s life is in danger for any reason, 911 will be called immediately and we will contact the parent of record. An on-site administrator will also be made immediately aware of the situation and will step-in to assess and monitor the situation.
  • Classroom Lockdown – In an emergency situation it may be necessary to take extra security measures by locking down classrooms. Sombrero Time instructors are trained and familiar with this process and understand it is their responsibility to ensure student safety. Every attempt will be made to coordinate safety concerns with local schools and communicate with parents.
  • Fire/Evacuation – In the event of a fire alarm, students will be lined up and led by their instructors out of their classrooms to a designated safety area. Once at the designated safe area, instructors will do a name-to-face roster check to make sure all students are present, contact emergency services, and contact the parents on record.
Attendance Policy

Sombrero Time is designed to be an academic extension to your student’s education. Learning to read, write and speak Spanish is a progressive and intensive process. As such, we do not enroll students who cannot commit the time to attend class on a regular basis. Families participating in the Sombrero Time learning process are expected to support regular attendance similarly to their child’s other academic commitments (public, private or home school).

In case your student will be tardy or absent from class due to illness, appointments, vacations or another reason, please notify your students’ teacher directly via message using the Kinderlime App. If possible, provide at least 24 hours notice.

A message on Kinderlime should be sent to the student’s teacher with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Dates the student will be absent
  • Reason for absence

If you do not notify the teacher of your student’s absence from Spanish class, your student’s teacher will send you a message using the Kinderlime App notifying you of their absence. If you receive such a message, please respond back to the teachers as soon as possible stating whether you are already aware of their absence, so as to avoid further worry.

Remember, our attendance protocol is designed with your student’s safety in mind. To that end, please be responsible for communicating any known absences to your student’s teacher ahead of class time.

Please note: Any other means of communication outside of the use of the Kinderlime App will not be acceptable forms of notification for this purpose!

If you have questions regarding our absence protocol, please send your inquiry to

Student Observation Policy

Parents are welcome to observe their students class. Student safety and the integrity of our learning environment is always a major priority at Sombrero Time. Please help us by following the observation policy and procedure as outlined below:

Granite Bay:

  • Parents and family members are welcome to observe students from outside the classroom. Sombrero Time has large glass viewing areas designed to facilitate observation of classroom activity while maintaining the integrity of the teaching environment
  • If you feel there is an issue that needs attention, please discuss with your student’s teacher or the site manager

Sierra Elementary School:

  • Contact your student’s teacher to request a classroom observation
  • Your teacher will confirm the appointment within 48 hours
  • Be sure to sign in at the front office before entering the classroom

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