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Every parent wants to see their child succeed...

In today’s international job market how can American students match up against the bilingual competition? Sombrero Time has been helping K-12 students build Spanish language skills for 10 years.

· Connect → Spanish is the second most spoken world language
· Create → Opportunity for career and cultural experiences
· Sharpen→ Get attention from prospective hiring managers


“The magic of Sombrero Time is that children not only learn Spanish – They learn how to apply their language skills in a real world setting.”

- Lisa Bader – Granite Bay, CA



Sombrero Time is an excellent full immersion Spanish Language program for kids ages K-6 Grade.  My daughter has been attending ST for 5 years and I am amazed at the Spanish she can speak, write, and understand.

Paula Wolfe – Granite Bay, CA

As PTC President for the past two years and current board member I have received consistent positive feedback from parents and faculty regarding Sombrero Time and the value this program brings to the kids.

Deanna Hogenboom – Rocklin, CA

Thank you Sombrero Time for immersion style learning.  And thank you for providing such high quality teachers.

Mindy Musser – Rocklin, CA

My son has been attending Sombrero Time since September 2011 as part of the Kinder Spanish program. It is the perfect environment for him to learn Spanish in an age appropriate way.

Deanna Ponseti – Roseville, CA

The magic of Sombrero Time is that the children not only learn Spanish—they learn how to apply their language skills in a real-world setting

Lisa Bader - Granite Bay, CA

Our Story

What Makes Sombrero Time Unique?

When it comes to educating children parents have a multitude of difficult decisions to make. How do you prepare your child to enter the 21st century job market when most schools don’t address critical skills such as a second language?


Sombrero Time was formed to address the American problem of monolingualism (the ability to speak only one language) propagated by a school system that doesn’t offer world language classes until high school. This critical error completely misses the developmental language learning window when students have massive capacity to learn new languages!


The result – generations of American children that are disadvantaged compared to their bilingual counterparts.


When families partner with Sombrero Time we guide you through a carefully scripted learning trajectory designed to deliver life lasting results.  Imagine your child reading, writing and speaking proficiently in Spanish. If you are a parent and need help navigating the process of language education we are here for you. Apply for Enrollment today and join thousands of students statewide being impacted by Sombrero Time programs.


Connect · Create · Sharpen


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Not sure? Download our free report “Seven Critical Reasons Why Your Child Must Learn Another Language” to understand what opportunities your child might be missing.

Class Info

Class Schedule - Fall 2016

Sombrero Time provides Spanish language instruction in two locations in Placer County:


Spanish Immersion Classes – Granite Bay

Classes cater to the Spanish language learner seeking to produce life lasting results. Most classes are held 4 days per week, Tuesday-Friday and follow the EUSD calendar from September through May and taught by native teachers that are background checked, fully trained and love what they do! Course materials are included with class registration and discounts are provided for families with multiple students.

Time: 7:45-8:30 am *

Days: Tuesday-Friday

Class Schedule: 9/6/2016-5/26/2017 following the EUSD calendar

Registration Fee: $49 per student covers workbooks and class supplies for the year

Tuition: $199/month per student


Sibling Discounts:  A Sibling discount of $20 is available for each additional student

* Start time subject to change pending the new EUSD bus and bell schedule

Time: 3:15-4:00 p.m. *

Days: Tuesday-Friday

Class Schedule: 9/6/2016-5/26/2017 following the EUSD calendar

Registration Fee: $49 per student covers workbooks and class supplies for the year

Tuition: $199/month per student


Sibling Discounts:  A Sibling discount of $20 is available for each additional student

* Start time subject to change pending the new EUSD bus and bell schedule

Give your child a great head start in this prep class for Spanish 1.  Kinder Spanish is taught with our same immersion philosophy and curriculum but is paced for younger students.  Our teachers are background checked, fully trained and love what they do!  Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays following the EUSD calendar September through May.  For those mobile parents that would like to stay and work while your student is in class we have free WiFi access in our reception area.

Time: 2:00-2:45 p.m.

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Class Schedule: 9/6/2016-5/26/2017 following the EUSD calendar

Tuition: $129/month

Registration fee: $49-Covers class room materials for the year


Sibling Discounts:  Do not apply to Kinder Spanish

Like all our classes, HomeSchool Spanish is designed to develop the functional language skills of reading, writing, thinking and speaking in Spanish.  We are an approved vendor for Visions, Horizon and South Sutter Charter and understand the unique challenges home school families face.  All registered families receive a content overview for each level of Spanish your students take which can be used to keep your teacher/student advisor up to date on the learning progression.  HomeSchool Spanish classes are offered twice per week for 60 minutes for small groups of 6 – 12 students. Classes are held at our Granite Bay Education Facility from 9-10am Tuesdays & Thursdays. Our wonderful teachers are background checked, fully trained and love what they do!     

Format: Spanish Immersion – No English spoken in class!

  •  2 x 60 minutes lessons per week
  • Groups of 5-12 students
  • Students work in groups by age and level
  • Academically based using progressive curriculum
  • All students receive a workbook

Tuition: $125 per month/student
Registration Fee: $49 per student ($99 per family)

Fall 2016-17 Class Schedule:

All Home School Classes are on Tuesdays & Thursdays and run on the Eureka Union School District Calendar.  Click HERE to download the calendar.

  • Grades K-4, 9-10am
  • Grades 5-8, 9-10am

Start Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2016-May 26, 2017


Want to form a new HomeSchool Group?  Here’s how:
New groups can be formed at any time with a minimum of 6-12 students and be either grades K-4 or 5-8. The following week days are open for new class formation:

  • T/Th 10am & 2pm

Contact us to start forming your group today!

Sombrero Time Personalized Spanish Tutoring sessions are designed to meet the needs of students from K-12 at any level of language development. Each session is scheduled with one of our native speaking instructors. Sombrero Time teachers are background checked, fully trained and love what they do!  We can accommodate groups from 1-4 students.  All sessions are conducted at the Sombrero Time education facility in Granite Bay.


  • 1 student: $50/45 minute session
  • 2 students: $70/45 minute session

Customized Instruction:

Cost – 1 student: $70/60 minute session.

Summer Tutoring Schedule

  • Offered June 13-July 29, 2016
  • Days/Time offered:
    • Tuesday/Thursday 9-12pm
    • M,W,F 4:30-5:15pm

School Year Tutoring Schedule:

  • Months Offered,  September – May
  • Tuesday -Friday, 4:15-5pm & 5:15-6:pm

Click HERE to schedule tutoring

Billing and Cancellation Policies:

  • Should you need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session 24 hour advance notification is required.

  • To cancel or reschedule simply log back into your scheduling page (setup during your initial appointment)

  • Same day cancellations will be billed at the full tutoring rate

  • Tuition will be billed on the first of each month for that month’s scheduled appointments

  • School holidays are automatically taken into consideration and will not be billed

  • Cancellation Credit – If you need to cancel an appointment, and do so with at least 24 hours advance notice, a credit will be posted to your account and automatically applied the following month.

  • Payment is accepted via Visa, MasterCard or Amex

For JRHS students with advanced language skills we offer small group instruction providing the opportunity for continued growth in preparation for High School.

JRHS Spanish Tuesday – Friday, 2:45-3:30pm

  • Focus – Grammar practice and 1:1 activity with 1-3 grade students.  The teacher will drill students on grammar and help them prepare to conduct an activity with a younger, less experienced student.  JRHS students will have the opportunity to put into practice their spanish skills by teaching what they know to a “Spanish Buddy”.  This is part of continuing the growth and mastery of their Spanish language skills.
  • Start Date – Tuesday, September 8, 2015
  • Class options include 2, 3 & 4 day per week. Pick any 2-4 days that work best for your student
  • Cost:
    • 2 days/week = $100/month
    • 3 days/week = $125/month
    • 4 days/week = $150/month


Transportation for Ridgeview and Oakhills students is available in the morning from our facility to the school campus and from the school campus in the afternoon to our facility.  Simply purchase a bus pass from the Transportation department at EUSD.  This stop is 150 feet from our facility.  Students are walked to and from the stop by instructors to ensure safe loading and unloading. Bus stop details:

  • Ridgeview Students – AM Classes. Route 5 - Brackenbury and Hampton Way
  • Oakhills Students – PM Classes. Route 5 – Brackenbury and Hampton Way

Click HERE to link to the EUSD Transportation Page and the bus pass forms.

 Spanish Classes – Sierra Elementary School

Sombrero Time is a long standing education partner and PTC sponsor for Sierra Elementary School!  Through our partnership efforts Sierra Elementary offers a Spanish classes for all students embedded into the school day. Sombrero Time enhances that offering by providing private Spanish Immersion classes for students seeking to produce life lasting results. Classes are held on campus 4 days per week, Tuesday-Friday and follow the RUSD Calendar from September through May. Our teachers are background checked, fully trained and love what they do! Course materials are included with class registration and discounts are provided for families with multiple students.

Sombrero Time will offer Spanish for Kinder and First grades in a special combo class starting fall 2015 at Sierra Elementary.   Classes will run 4 days/week, Tuesday-Friday from 2:30-3:15pm.  Each session is 45 minutes and will be conducted by one of our highly trained native speaking instructors.  The format will include immersive Spanish instruction, games, dance and songs to make it fun and engaging.

Additional Details

Time: 2:30-3:15pm

Instruction Days: Tuesday-Friday

Class Size: Minimum 6, Maximum 20

Class Schedule: 9/1/2015-5/27/2016 following the RUSD calendar*

Tuition: $189/month.

Registration Fee: $49

Location: Will be announced by August 25, 2015


*Pending any updates to the 2015-16 School Calendar

Private Spanish instruction at Sierra Elementary School is offered after school by two of our highly qualified and trained instructors.  Two classes are offered depending on skill level and age (PM1 & PM2). Cohorts are divided into grades 2-4 & 5-6. Classes run throughout the Rocklin Unified School year, 4 days per week, Tuesday-Friday.

Time: 2:30-3:15pm

Instruction Days: Tuesday-Friday

Start Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Class Schedule: 9/1/2015-5/27/2016 following the RUSD calendar*

Tuition: $189/month.  Sibling Discount – $20 for each additional student

Registration Fee: $49 per student covers workbooks and class supplies for the year

Location: Will be announced by August 25, 2015


*Pending any updates to the 2015-16 School Calendar


Policies & Forms

The following policies are in effect for the 2015-2016 school year:

Tuition FAQ

  • When is my student’s tuition due and how do I pay?
    • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is payable via automated bank bill pay or credit/debit card payments (Visa or MC)
  • Do you accept hand written checks for payment?
    • No. Generally, hand written checks are not accepted and only when approved on a case per case basis
  • Is there a grace period for tuition payments?
    • Yes! Seven days. Tuition is considered delinquent on the 7th of the month, at which time a $25 late fee will be applied to your account and assessed on your next bill
  • Is tuition adjusted each month? 
    • No. For the sake of billing simplicity the monthly tuition fee stays the same each month. Instead, the cost for classes (with the exception of tutoring) is amortized over the course of the school year and is not reduced for vacation, sickness or absences.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    • A family sibling discount is available per our current published tuition schedule.  Sibling discounts are not applicable for Home School classes.
  • Are registration fees refundable and what to they cover?
    • No. Annual registration fees are non-refundable and cover student workbooks/classroom supplies.
  • Can I suspend my student’s tuition payments?
    • Yes, but only for very specific reasons. Hospitalization or extended travel are  qualified reasons. Both will be considered on a case per case basis. Please email info@sombrerotime.com with your request. Upon approval Sombrero Time will suspend billing for up to 2 months. Please note a $75 service fee per month per student applies.
  • My student can not attend class 4 days per week. Do you prorate tuition for a reduced schedule?
    • No, we do not prorate tuition as a general policy – Sombrero Time is an academic extension to your student’s day. Learning Spanish is progressive. Therefore, we do not encourage enrollment for students who cannot commit the time.
  • Is my personal information secure?
    • YES! All credit/debit card information is stored in an encrypted and secured database for your protection. Sombrero Time does not share your information with ANYONE!
  • How do I cancel my students enrollment?
    • If you choose to discontinue your student from Sombrero Time we require 30 day written notice to be provided.  Auto-Bill will be canceled on the billing cycle 30 days after notice has been made

Student Safety Procedures

Sombrero Time teachers and staff follow a strict policy of student tracking and safety protocols.  Please familiarize your self with these policies as we partner to protect the well being of your students:

  • Student Drop-off - Please drop students off a minimum of 5 minutes before the start of class and picked up no later than 10 minutes after class.

  • Student Pick up - After school and Kinder students must be signed out by the parent or guardian listed on their registration form.  Students will not be released from the classroom until they have been signed out.

  • Reporting Attendance - If you will be late for pick-up provide notification by calling the Attendance Line, 844-400-8448.  Messages are routed directly to your student’s teacher. Sombrero Time staff will ensure care is provided while you are in transit.  Please note, instructors may have to leave for other appointments immediately following the end of class so it is important to communicate when things unexpectedly change.

  • Alternate Pick up - We require you to authorize in writing anyone outside your immediate family  that will be picking up your student/s. Please complete the Student Pick up Authorization Form at the beginning of the school year. Sombrero Time keeps these forms on file and tracks each student being pick up to ensure the safe transfer of your student from us to you.

  • Student Walk/Bike Policy - If your student would like to walk or ride a bike from Sombrero Time please provide written permission detailing when and where your student is permitted to walk/ride.  Please sign and have your student give it to his/her teacher. Permission slips will be kept on file for reference.  Students that attempt to walk or ride without parent permission will be reported to parents.

Attendance Notification Policy

In the case your student will be absent or tardy from class due to illness, appointments, vacations or other reasons please notify Sombrero Time with as much advance notice as possible. Notification may be given by calling the Attendance Line and leaving the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Teacher Name
  • Date
  • Reason for Absence

Messages are automatically routed to your student’s teacher.

Please note: Email, Text and Verbal messages are not acceptable forms of notification.

Sombrero Time Student Attendance Line:

(press option #3)


Customer Information Update Form - Use this secure form to update or submit the following information:

  • Credit Card
  • Medical Consent
  • Emergency Contact
  • Referrals

Please Note – Your personal information is protected in a SSL encrypted database.  Sombrero Time NEVER shares your personal information with anyone!

Click HERE to update your information

Student Pickup Authorization Form

  • Use this form to authorize Sombrero Time to release your student to a friend, relative or day care provider from class. Please complete the form with signatures and deliver to your student’s teacher.

Click HERE to download the form

Spanish Curriculum

Spanish Classroom-in-a-Box

common core badgeAvailable for shipment NOW! Sombrero Time is excited to present our latest immersive Spanish curriculum product for K-8 schools. 

Sombrero Time “Spanish Classroom-in-a-Box” has been developed and tested over the last 8 years with the help of bilingual educators and language experts. Our products are tailored for the immersion environment to address all areas of language development-reading, writing, listening and speaking in Spanish.

Product efficacy is rigorously tested, reviewed and refined through real world use in programs all over California and at our Private Education Facility in Granite Bay, CA. Our partnerships with Charter, IB and Private schools has enabled us to remain sensitive to the demands on today’s teachers and administrators. This refining process ensures Sombrero Time Spanish curriculum is effective and relevant to your student’s future.
Sombrero Time Levels

Our Program Includes:


Spanish Teacher Curriculum


The Details
  • 8.5″h X 11″H

  • Spiral bound with metal coil

  • Full color, durable cover, with black and white pages

Student Workbooks


The Details
  • 8.5″h X 11″H
  • Spiral bound with metal coil
  • Full color, durable cover, with black and white pages



The Details
  • Set of  297, full color flash cards covering all areas of content from the curriculum

  • .5 laminated

  • 11″w X 8.5″h

Classroom Posters


The Details
  • 4 thematic posters with label cards

  • .5 laminated

  • 20″w X 30″h



The Details
  • 12 Month Calendar

  • Sept-Sept

  • *Pocket chart not included


More Information

  • Each Spanish level has 8 units of content which covers lesson plans from Sept – May

  • Each of the 8 Units* has 3 weeks of new content followed by a 4th week of review and assessment (*Unit 3 is 7 weeks to accommodate the school calendar)

  • There are a total of 140 fully scripted lesson plans per level

  • Lessons are developed to be given 4 days per week for 30-45 minutes


Provides the progression of Spanish curriculum and content so that teachers can stay in Spanish as they teach Spanish.


The program employs the use of monthly unit overviews, weekly objectives and daily lesson plans.  Each level of Spanish curriculum is divided into 8 units with over 140 daily lesson plans, covering a whole year of Spanish instruction.


Sombrero Time Spanish curriculum follow a predictable and balanced daily lesson structure so that the teacher will develop skills in all four areas of language: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension.


Scripted daily lesson plans eliminates the difficult job of planning which allowing teachers to focus on content delivery.  Teachers remain nimble and can adjust for the individual needs of their students.


Vocabulary is presented in age appropriate themes to insure that common, everyday language is covered and topics are highly interesting for students.


To develop bilingual and biliterate students, reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension skills all need to be included in the daily lesson plans.  These activities are aligned to California World Language Standards.

Integrated Assessment

Allows teachers to track student progress, individualize classroom instruction and provide feedback to parents and administration, using student learning objectives and unit benchmarks.

Sombrero Time Sales – 844.400.8448 (M-F, 8am-5pm pst)



Ordering Information

What’s in the Box*

  • Spanish 1 Instructor Curriculum-1 copy, Units 1-8, completely scripted 4 days per week, spiral bound

  • Spanish 2 Instructor Curriculum-1 copy, Units 1-8, completely scripted 4 days per week, spiral bound

  • Spanish 1 Student Workbook-1 copy, spiral bound

  • Spanish 2 Student Workbook-1 copy, spiral bound

  • 297 8.5x 11 laminated, full color flash cards covering all areas of content from the curriculum

  • 4 Thematic .5 laminated 20×30 Posters with label cards

  • Calendar System

  • *Teacher training is required when purchasing Sombrero Time Spanish curriculum and is not included with “Spanish Classroom in a Box. See Our Training to review training options

Cost: $4995

Spanish Curriculum Products a la Carte


  • Color Cover, B/W Contents, Spiral Bound

  • Cost: $20.00 each

  • Order minimums – 5 books min per level

Flash Card Set

  • Covers all target vocabulary for Spanish 1 & 2

  • 297 full color cards

  • 8.5×11, laminated on 0.5 millimeter lamination for durability

  • Cost: $599 per set (only sold to schools already using Spanish Classroom in a Box)

Ordering Information

  • Orders are fulfilled direct from our warehouse in Sacramento, CA on a FIFO basis

  • Delivery time will vary depending on shipment location and production time

  • Visa, MC, Checks and Purchase Orders accepted

  • Call Sombrero Time sales direct to order:

Sombrero Time Sales – 844.400.8448 (M-F, 8am-5pm pst)


"Sombrero Time’s instructors are top-notch. They understand how to engage our students in the classroom and make Spanish instruction come alive."
Karen Huffines
Sierra Elementary School
An International Baccalaureate World School
"We truly value our Sombrero Time Spanish curriculum and the benefit it brings to Brighton Schools."

Christa Green
Brighton Schools
"The beauty of your Spanish Curriculum is the ability it gives us to add our own creative spin and create fun hands-on activities."

Monica Calderi
World Languages Director
Creekside Charter School
"Sombrero Time has become integral to our school.  Our students and parents value it tremendously.."
Erika Sloane
Loomis Basin Charter School
An International Baccalaureate World School

Our Training


Teaching Spanish in Spanish requires a specialized skill set. Sombrero Time has developed a unique training program designed to help teachers build the skills required for success! Our Training is based on widely known methodologies for the 21st century classroom and our own time-tested proprietary systems.

Sombrero Time Training is a critical and required component of our immersive delivery system. All teachers who purchase our Spanish curriculum must attend either our Live Annual Kick-off Training or complete our Online video training series (coming soon).  See below for details:



Professional development (PD) is a critical component of the Sombrero Time immersion instruction system.  Our PD will equip your teacher to maximize their impact on language learners by developing the specialized skill of teaching “Spanish in Spanish”.  Our Live, face to face training option offers a time tested three tier approach: Annual Kick-Off training, Innovation Sessions, Ongoing Coaching & Support.

Get ready to teach Spanish and successfully implement “Sombrero Time in your classroom! Our Annual Kick-off Training consists of 3 days focused on curriculum structure, classroom readiness, teaching objectives, and exposure to the immersion methodology used by Sombrero Time.  All 5 modules outlined in “Our Process” are included in this intensive and exciting engagement.


  • Where – Kick-off Training conducted at the Sombrero Time Education & Training facility in Granite Bay
  • When:
    • New Teachers – August 3-5, 2016
    • Returning Teachers – August 29-31, 2016
  • Time: 9am-3:30pm
  • Space limited to 25 teachers

Kick-off Training Cost

  • 1-2 participants: $2500
  • $1500 per each additional participant
  • Includes training materials for 3 days of 6 hour training sessions
  • Payment in full is required in order complete your reservation
  • Purchase orders and credit cards accepted

Reserve your training by clicking HERE

Innovation sessions provide critical ongoing development over the instructional year.  Each month we select a topic relevant to language teaching and learning.  Innovation sessions include 1 hour of training and 1 hour of collaborative problem solving. Innovation sessions are held 7 times over the course of the year at the Granite Bay Education & Training facility.

Innovation Sessions Cost (7 x 2 hour trainings)

  • 1 teacher: $700
  • each additional teacher: $300

One of the greatest tools available to Spanish teachers is our on site Coaching & Support program.  Don’t go it Alone!  All teachers need time to process and collaborate.  Unfortunately, most Spanish teachers don’t have access to this valuable resource.  We can help! One of our Master Trainers will observe you in your native environment, provide useful feedback, including an written action plan specific your classroom scenario.  In addition, Sombrero Time Master Trainers provide advanced coaching on curriculum implementation, owning your environment, student engagement, differentiation and evaluation.

Coaching & Support Cost

  • $150/hour
  • 2 hour minimum/session
  • Available to teachers within 100 miles of Granite Bay, CA
  • Travel costs not included
  • Custom Coaching & Support solutions available.  Inquire HERE

Video Training Course

For schools who purchase our Spanish curriculum and can not travel to our Education & Training facility in Granite Bay, CA we have a robust video training course.  This training will prepare you to successfully implement an immersive learning experience for your students.  Video training is a condensed version of our Live Kick-off Training and is based on content presented in “Our Process” (below).

Video Training Cost

  • 1-2 teachers: $500
  • $199 per each teacher

Webinar Training

For teachers looking for a personalized experience Sombrero Time offers live webinar training in addition to our video training courses. This enhancement to our video training provides you with access to an experienced Sombrero Time master trainer. Review curriculum, troubleshoot, collaborate and review classroom strategies that will make your immersion program a success!

Webinar Training Cost

  •  $300 per each 1 hour Webinar
  • Max of 10 teachers per session

Tier 1–Online Video Training Courses



Course Description

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the United States and the world today. Sombrero Time offers a variety of training courses intended to help teachers help students learn and acquire functional command of the Spanish language based on methodology that works!  Module 1 walks participants through the Sombrero Time story from beginning to present, i.e., how it started, why it started and what differentiates us in the classroom.  Expect to get acquainted with your new tools and have fun!

General Outline

  • Setting up your new Spanish curriculum

  • The Four Pillars of Sombrero Time

  • How our Spanish curriculum drives your environment, student engagement and evaluation

Teacher Takeaway – Unpack your new Spanish curriculum!  Resource review and intro to immersion methodology


Module 1

Course Description

Module 2 is dedicated to an overview of Sombrero Time’s rigorous curriculum and components.  Participants will be exposed to both curriculum content and trajectory.  Dialogue will revolve around the areas of language acquisition (i.e.,listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and how these are aligned with daily and weekly lesson plans.   Sombrero Time accentuates the Spanish curriculum as the driving force for the three E’s:  Environment, Engagement, and Evaluation. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of what Sombrero Time means when it says: “We give you the trajectory so you can focus on the delivery.”

General Outline

  • Review Spanish curriculum objectives

  • Understanding language acquisition & progression

  • Adjusting curriculum to your class schedule

Teacher Takeaway – Overview of content & classroom implementation strategy


Modules 1-2

Course Description

In this session Sombrero Time expert trainers will address the envionment as it relates to curriculum.  Participants will be cued in on best practices as they learn to transform the Spanish curriculum into an optimal “immersion” learning environment. Challenges of classroom set-up, routines and procedures, as well as “non-negotiable” expectations will be just some of the environment factors covered.

General Outline

  • Effective classroom procedures

  • Material management strategies

  • Creating your optimal learning environment

Teacher Takeaway: Gain an in depth understanding of classroom set up & management


Modules 1-3

Course Description

 Module 4 will emphasis the shift from Sombrero Time curriculum driving environment to that of engagement.   Participants will get a sneak preview of Sombrero Time’s proprietary “Engagement filter” …our “secret-salsa” …to an effective teaching model.

General Outline

  • Addressing the emotional needs of your students

  • Routines for roaming & non-roaming teachers

  • The Sombrero Time engagement filter & “secret-salsa”

Teacher Takeaway: Develop specific routines and strategies to engage your students


Modules 1-4

Course Description

This is the last but by no means the least important of the 3 E’s driven by our Spanish curriculum.  Participants will be provided specific methods for checking for understanding based on the Sombrero Time model of language acquisition. Testimonies from current Sombrero Time staff will highlight how this model has transformed not just their teaching but their student’s learning as well.

General Outline

  • Using formative and summative data to target student needs

  • Aligning instruction to the four levels of language acquisition

  • Communicating student progress to parents and administrators

Teacher Takeaway: Understand the distinction between Teaching vs. Learning and how it impacts your effectiveness

Our Process

Info graphic of Spanish curriculum showing all 5 teacher training modules

Our Contact

Get in Touch

The Sombrero Time education facility is located in the Treelake subdivision of Granite Bay.  We are located less than a mile from Granite Bay High, Ridgeview and Oakhills elementary schools.  Drop by anytime to meet our teachers and observe a class in session. We are next to Any Time Fitness and Dolce Vita Day Spa in the Tree Lake Village Center.








9719 Village Center Drive, Suite 125
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Facility Location